targetas ivaizdine

Our goal is to turn
your debtors into your Customers.


Reminders are the most effective way to reduce your debts that were caused by customers’ unthoughtfulness, departure, financial difficulties or unwillingness to pay. We guarantee a high quality, polite and legally compliant communication, representing your company in accordance with a pre-set standards. Our team listens to the other party and responds to each debtor individually without using any template questionnaires.
It is important for us to represent your company properly and to maintain good relationship.


We recover debts by using pre-legal and legal measures, we do it quickly and by following the professional ethics. We adapt to the client’s specifics: we perform debt analysis and provide a prognosis defining collection time and amounts to be recovered. Debt collection requires legal grounding and knowledge of debtor’s psychology, therefore, our ultimate goal, besides debt recovery, is to get the debt repaid and turn the debtor into your customer. Our practice shows, that the greater problem is find a debtor rather than persuade him to pay. So, instead of paying hide-and-seek, leave it all to us – the professionals.


We will manage your purchase of debt portfolio properly and consistently: we start from performing an analysis, then prepare a concrete plan defining the period and the amounts to be collected, and choose adequate measures to achieve the goals. If you do not have selected a debt portfolio yet, but you want to make an investment, please contact us, and we will help you to find debt portfolios according to your criteria. We will also represent your company in debt portfolio purchase deal. Make your investment profitable – rely on the professionals.

targetas ivaizdine

We will discreetly help you
and your customers.

We know that your customers can be absent-minded, away, oblivious, experiencing temporary financial problems, suffering from unexpected expenditures, etc. And yet, they are your customers.

About us

15-year experience in debt collection and debt portfolio management provides a conclusion that finding a debtor is a greater issue than persuade him to pay. Leave it all to us – the professionals. Let’s talk: